Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stretching the Definition of Family Movies

My husband was so inspired by A.O. Scott's article about taking children to movies other than "kids' movies" that he started a blog. I guess he wasn't content with my meager coverage of Iris' film education. You will find the link to Bad Dad on the right, along with some of my other coworkers' blogs. (It hit me the other day that I am 40 now and I have known him for 20 years, seeing him both at work and at home.)

Now we can be like Maribeth and Richard. We can leave comments on each other's blogs instead of actually talking to one another. I am jealous, I have never gotten a marriage proposal via blog comment like Maribeth. Oops, on more careful reading, that wasn't exactly a marriage proposal. However, I never got one of those proposals from blogging, either.

MPAA Ratings Decoded
MPAA Rating and Parental Complacency
Bad Dad

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