Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Capecho Clarification

I was explaining to my sister via instant messaging (bad case of laryngitis) that I didn't intend to make the entire Capecho pictured on the cover of the winter issue of Vogue Knitting. It does tend to bulge out at unfortunate places, even on the tall, thin model. I want to make a ring of cabled pentagons for a shoulder wrap. Look at the pictures of the completed Plum Blossom yoke aka Swirled Pentagon Pullover yoke.

When I tried on the yoke, it looked a bit small. However, when I sewed the sweater body on, the weight of the sweater pulled the yoke down gracefully to fit my shoulders (see the completed sweater at Home From Camp II).

My main conundrum is, should I make a circle of 6 or 7 pentagons for my shoulder wrap? That determines where those volcano bulges will land. Where are the most flattering positions to place them on my frame? The number of pentagons will also determine the size I need to make them. It is a good thing I wrote up notes on sizing knitted pentagons last summer.

I am also not entirely sure the seams are right for my vision. On the one hand, the seams (or edges where one picks up stitches to begin the adjacent pentagon) break up the cable pattern. A provisional cast on might be the ticket. On the other hand, seams also give it a fractured crystalline look. That construction would also be simpler to execute. Hmmm. I must knit faster and get off sleeve island! Meanwhile, I have plenty to ponder.

That's all folks.

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