Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The View From My Seat

Mark posted about our family bike ride this Sunday. However, he tends to exaggerate. I checked our mileage with Gmaps Pedometer and we only rode about 19 miles. It sounds more impressive if I write 30 kilometers.

We asked a gentlemen we met on the bike path at Marina del Rey to take our picture with the ocean behind us. Alas, only a sliver of the Pacific is visible, but you can see Malibu behind us.

Mark trained Iris to run to the sidewalk, press the walk light button, and run back to the bike at red lights. Iris was the only member of the family without bicycle shorts. We had to go shopping after the ride to outfit her. She takes after her fashionista mother; I have 6 pairs of bicycle shorts (4 are Pearl Izumis). Sports garb make up over 40% of my wardrobe of 50 black bottoms.

These are my most expensive pair of shoes. They are black, leather and made in Italy. They fit like a glove. (He told me pick out any pair of bicycling shoes in the store for my birthday. He didn't set a price limit.) You will appreciate the finest in bicycling garb if you ever go on a 12 hour death ride with Mark. Look back at the top picture. Do you know the meaning of randonneuring ?

That's all folks.

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  1. Anonymous06:26

    I wasn't previously familiar with the term "randonneuring" but now that I followed your link, I learned a new word. I also know someone who would fit the description - a woman named Deanna that was a temp here at work a few years ago. As a matter of fact, she lived in Seattle at one time. While she was here she was telling me about a trip she had planned to Arizona - riding her bike from here (Chicago) to there with a group. What an interesting person - she also used to sew costumes for theatrical productions. Anyway, thanks for the new vocab word.


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