Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Very LA Day

We left home so late, we went straight to downtown Montrose for lunch before strolling the gardens. I picked Pho 21 on Honolulu Avenue just because it was so crowded. That was a good call. Honolulu Ave also boasts a Bernina dealer AND an excellent yarn shop, Needle in a Haystack.

The camellias at Descanso Gardens were hit hard by the cold and dry weather but there were still some blooming beauties.

Iris took control of the camera and she has a good eye for interesting textures. I especially like the one of the knothole in the bridge plank. She decided to work in a series, e.g. shoes and rear ends. I have no idea how she got such a straight shot of her own backside.

We then went to LACMA. Mark offered to take Iris to the 5pm screening of The Wizard of Oz so that I could see the Magritte exhibit.

On the way, we passed Little Ethiopia and saw a political protest. I am so glad to see people standing up for human rights around the globe.

Afterward LACMA, we headed back to Little Ethiopia to eat at Rosalind's. It was a late and Ye Doro Wot and the vegetarian sampler never looked so good.

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