Sunday, May 20, 2007

Catching Up

How did the Bike to Work Day Challenge go? We won the trophy (and bragging rights) back. Check out my two favorite bicycle commuters. Actually, Mark rode Iris to school and came right home to put away her trailer. Then, we rode into work together.

The meeting at UCSD was very worthwhile. None of the attendees could figure out why the college of engineering was graced with a granite teddy bear sculpture. (The Aussies called it a Koala bear.)

After the meeting, I headed north to meet Iris and Mark at a hotel in Del Mar. Mark went for a bike ride while Iris and I were still asleep. After a swim and a bath, Iris and I drove to Encinitas and lunched at JamRoc101. We have got to return there for the red snapper plate. Amazing. Iris is also asking when we can go back for their home made potato chips.

I couldn't resist buying Iris some more art supplies at Rhino Art. She looks so good on the Vespa, I was tempted to buy one. It will get much better gas mileage than my minivan, for sure.

Aah, the finish line! Mark rode 102 miles. There were also runners and triatheletes at the finish line. I do not know why the banner says 1 km.

The neighbors moved into their home made of recycled shipping containers.

Learn more about my neighbors' house in Recycling Shipping Containers.
The architect's website.
LA Times story about the house.

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  1. Cool house? How is it actually? I know someone who started a business making homes from shipping containers. He's here in the Northeast, but George and I both think they are really fascinating and would build one if we were building a house. Prefab, but built to order and assembled on site.


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