Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Shibori knitting experiment

I cast on for this scarf during the Virgina trip. (You can get an amazing amount done on a transcontinental flight.) I used a different color of the sport-weight wool I used in the first Shibori knitting experiment and size 8 needles. Here it is all sewn up with periwinkle acrylic yarn; I made 16 alternating pleats.

Taking out the stitches took as long as the stitching.

Our mommy and me dress dummies modeling the scarf and the Butt Skirts.

Iris' dummy can be adjusted with knobs as she grows. Right now, it is set at the smallest setting and is still slightly larger than her measurements.

The Uniquely You cloth cover needs to be fitted to my measurements and zipped over the form. There is a lotta foam there.
How will I ever get that cover zipped? How many people does that maneuver require?


  1. Anonymous04:56

    Love the scarf. I got mine zipped, I think I had to kneel on it though and pull hard.

  2. This is fantastic!

  3. Anonymous00:22

    I impressed with your amazing work. Love the skirt.


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