Sunday, March 02, 2008

Her father's daughter

Each Monday, I walk Iris to school and watch the start of their "Town Hall" school assembly. They start with the pledge of allegiance to the American flag, sing the Star Spangled Banner and then proceed with the weekly announcements.

I missed last Monday because I was on an airplane headed east. However, the week before that, she told me that she was not happy about the pledge of allegiance. What didn't she like?

She objected to having to say "under god". She said it was not fair to people who believe in more than one god.

Read her father's take On Confederate Flags and the Pledge of Allegiance.

I forgot to mention that Iris decided, as long as she has to believe in something, and that there is no way to prove who is correct until after she dies, then she might as well believe in Greek mythology. It is self worship because she is a Greek goddess. Sounds fair. We make the gods in our own image.


  1. Iris particularly objected to this because she believes in the Greek Gods. This is what happens in the vacuum of an agnostic household.

  2. Just found your blog, and congratulations on raising such an intelligent and perceptive little girl. I assume the previous comment was in jest.

  3. I really liked this story (I'm just behind on my blog reading due to the new job). I wonder what Pumpkin will make of the rampant agnosticism/borderline atheism (me) and full on atheism (hubby) in our house. I'm in trouble if she settles on Greek mythology, though, because I can never keep those gods and goddesses straight.

  4. Don't worry. I can't keep them straight either. Iris keeps the gods and goddesses straight for me. What parent hasn't had Pokeman or Avatar story lines explained to them by their young children?

    She reads any mythology book she can get her hands on. She tells me that the stories change, based upon who is telling it. She is learning critical and comparative reading already!

    She is the way she is. I can't really take much credit.

  5. Give me that old time religion
    Give me that old time religion
    Give me that old time religion
    It's good enough for me

    It was good enough for Homer
    That blind wandering roamer
    His rhyming days are over
    and it's good enough for me


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