Monday, March 10, 2008

Real-time Sewing

This will probably never happen again. But I bought the March 2008 edition of Burda World of Fashion on 8 March and sewed up one of the designs on 9 March.

This top (#133) looked easy enough for Iris and I to tackle together.

Unfortunately, after selecting fabric, she lost interest; I made it on my own. I had to bribe her with a soda just to get her to model it.

I made a size 116 cm and lengthened the back by 1", tapering it gently to match the front at the side seams. She says it looks a bit babyish. She hopes the other kids will be too busy looking at the dragons to notice.

I learned I was pregnant in late January 2000. The year of the dragon commenced in February 2000. A year of the dragon baby! I was over the moon. I headed over to the Cotton Shop to stock up on dragon fabric. (Independent fabric stores know their market. They stock up before the lunar new year with fabric for the zodiac sign.) Even though I didn't know yet that Iris would be a girl, I went out on a limb and bought the pink. Actually, I bought the whole rainbow because it would be 12 years before the selection was that good again.

For straight stitching, I really prefer my old Janome/New Home to the new Bernina. There is no substitute for the 5 (count 'em) feed dogs on my Janome. OTOH, the Bernina knee lever presser foot lift is handy. The Janome has more intuitive and ergonomic buttons and an easier to find on/off switch. The Bernina has the stitch regulator...

Now I know why people have multiple machines. If money, space and consumer guilt were not an issue, I would also have a Pfaff with the integrated walking foot.

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