Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A few more pictures of the inn

I have wanted to stay at this inn for some time, but vacancies during springtime are so rare. Some of the families we met booked in October or November! Because we booked only a month in advance, we were able to get this cabin only for one night.

The room description said that it was possible to lie in bed and view the stars. Unfortunately, the moon and the twenty-nine palms city lights were much brighter than the stars. Nevertheless, gazing at the moonlit Pinto Mountains while lying in bed was magical.

Iris loved her own private loft.

Look at her view!

The springs at the Oasis of Mara fed a little lake. Imagine sleeping in the houseboat!

The second night, there was a last minute cancellation and they put us in the Bottle Room.

Can you guess how it got its name? Iris wanted a night light so we left the bathroom light on so it could shimmer through the wall.

I miss the claw foot soaking tub at the Victorian flat we called home in Boulder.

The artificial lake aka pool. In warmer and less windy times, inn life revolves around the pool.

Water attracts birds. This is the only one that posed for a picture, though. Does anyone know what type of bird this is? View the inn's bird checklist.

In such a remote locale, the inn has always grown a large amount of the food served at the restaurant. We ate the yummiest mixed greens, picked just before dinner.

Just as birdwatchers look for elusive and rare birds, I hunt for the desert five-spot. I managed to find exactly one on my last three spring flower trips to the desert. A ranger at Death Valley said that I must be extremely lucky; some people come back for twenty years and never find one. My trick was to skip the drought year so as not to break my streak.


  1. I think that bird is a mourning dove.

  2. Anonymous17:00

    Definitely a mourning dove! http://www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide/Mourning_Dove.html

  3. Wow, thanks for identifying the bird. You and the internet are incredible. You identified that scary looking bug, too.


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