Sunday, April 13, 2008

California Gold and White

Two views today from the Antelope Valley California Poppy Preserve (with the snowcapped San Bernardino Mountains in the distance).

We stopped by on our way home from Mammoth Mountain, where Grandma Ann of Sitting Knitting skied me into the ground yet again. Can you see the Minnarets in the background?

Will Iris also be able to out-ski me in another year?

She's snowplowing down an icy and narrow catwalk in this movie. (Mark went down the bumps below, rather than take the catwalk.) I worried that she regressed, but she assured me that she and her ski class skied bumps and in the trees while I wasn't watching. With the icy hardpack conditions, I am happy we bought her a helmet. We will call her Trixie (from Speed Racer) from now on.

See Rob's pictures of Poppies in Old Agoura
On the way home, I obsessed about whether, like Writing Maternity, our home would be burgled during our ski trip.
Last year's ski trip to Utah: Think Snow (and Declining Birthrates) and Another Sugar Holiday

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