Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weather and Beauty

Speaking of weather and news readers and the importance of looks, Daisy Fuentes got her start in television as the weather personality at WXTV. I found this on her Yahoo movies bio:
A neighbor employed in fashion asked a 16-year-old Fuentes to serve as a substitute for a sick model at a photo shoot, launching a career as a print model. While still a college student and not yet out of teens, she landed a gig as a weather girl at Manhattan's Univision affiliate (WXTV Channel 41). Switching to rival Telemundo, she graduated to news reader.
Yes, she became a news anchor at 19 while still a college student.

Years ago, she was interviewed on a late night talk show. I was surprised to learn that she wasn't given a weather forecast to read; she had to write her own forecasts. She was worried about appearing like a fool, so she would buy several newspapers and read all the weather forecasts. She then forecast the average of the temperatures she read. She had stumbled upon ensemble forecasting!

She designs clothes, too.

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