Thursday, April 03, 2008

The truth about bullshit

I kept Iris out past 10 pm on a weeknight because we both got lost in our reading at Border's.

What was I reading? I read several chapters of Laura Penny's rant, Your Call Is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit. I've been really cranky of late. Reading the hilarious and on-target observations of another crank probably wasn't the best way to get over it.

I then perused some of the current magazines. Oh, my. My bullshit radar went full tilt.

Did you read the Norwich Notes about "Reclaiming children's parties" on page 148 of the April issue of Vogue? I wasn't sure if he was sincere or satirical. The column ostensibly argues that the over-the-top NYC and LA children's birthday parties are so passe. Garden parties at home are now de rigueur.

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece1 is shown with her brood at a tea-party in their garden in New York. How lovely.

Jessica Seinfeld2 talked about a garden party she gave in which the children painted ceramic pots and planted herbs and flowers which they could take home to plant in their yard or a community garden.

Amanda Brooks took the cake with her description of keeping it real. She suggested forming a ring of hay bales (she prefers the Italian kind) and holding games inside, perhaps with a castle and a wrangler with animals. Add a bouncy house--what more could you need?

For starters, these women live in NYC and/or LA. Having a garden large enough to hold a garden party in either locale is the ultimate status symbol. Who are they kidding?

[1] Another whopper would be calling yourself the crown princess of a country that does not recognize a monarchy. In fact, her husband's family is not even welcome in Greece.

[2] Though calling Jessica Seinfeld a cookbook author also stretches the truth.

Lie to your children--it's good for them about the terrible premise behind both Jessica Seinfeld's and Missy Chase Lapine's cookbooks.
Lies, damn lies and statistics by moi. Apparently, my crankiness is not a recent development.


  1. I realize you're cranky--but it comes across as witty and hilarious. I enjoy hearing your fresh perspective. Hope you find peace in the midst of the "crankiness".

  2. Anonymous12:16

    I definitely have a new book for my list of things to read.

  3. Eh -- I'm not impressed. "Garden party" just sounds a lot more posh than "hanging out in the backyard."


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