Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Edible Landscaping

When we visited Descanso Gardens in 2008, we saw the Edible EstatesTM garden taking shape.
What a great idea. I had been running out of space in my kitchen garden raised bed for all the things I wanted to grow. I will just sneak edible plants into the rest of my yard. As you approach the front door, you will find some sickly looking lettuce.
You can see swiss chard and chives in pots by the back door.
I put some more swiss chard under the bay tree. See the foxglove digitalis volunteers sprouting from the plant that went to seed last year?
We've been plucking leaves off a single head of lettuce since last October. It is finally going to seed now, but a smaller one sprouted beside it. There's more swiss chard in the bed, along with beets, Nantes carrots, cilantro, fennel, green onions, garlic chives, and volunteer tomatoes.
The view from our flower bed, toward the vegetable bed. I snuck some more swiss chard amid the flowers. I fear I may have planted too many. A coworker says he and his wife have been harvesting leaves off a single swiss chard plant for an entire year. Even if we don't eat them all, they are pretty.
When we went to Disneyland last Friday, we noticed that Disneyland also plants edible landscapes.

Do you think they serve salads harvested on site?
Rosetta hid amid the roseates shapes of kale.
When we visited Descanso Gardens last weekend, we learned that the Edible EstatesTM garden was a temporary exhibit and has been taken down. However, the students of Cal Poly Pomona will plant a new edible garden this Spring in the Sundial garden area. Sadly, Fritz Haeg has trademarked the term, Edible EstatesTM and Descanso Gardens will have to call it something else. Perhaps the Disney and Haeg lawyers can fight it out and annihilate each other?

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