Thursday, March 19, 2009


We had such a good time at the 29 Palms Inn last March, we decided to reprise our trip to Joshua Tree National Park. (Take a look at our pictures from last year here and here for proof.)

Our family befriended another family with a girl of similar age. Cell phone numbers and email addresses were exchanged. We even rode our family bicycle to their house in Venice (Venice Beach, not the city in Italy) for a play date. We were thinking of calling them up to ask if they wanted to reprise the trip when they beat us to the punch. We even managed to book the exact same cabin.

Iris is looking forward to her private sleep loft. Perhaps she will have a sleepover.

Mommy looks forward to stargazing from bed through the bay windows.
Behind these gates...
grows the vegetables...
that are served..
in the restaurant at the inn.
From the NPS history of the Oasis of Mara:
Early American survey parties arrived at the Oasis of Mara in the 1850s and found the area under cultivation by the Serrano. Corn, beans, pumpkins, and squash were all grown with the life-giving waters that rise at the oasis along the Pinto Mountain Fault. The Chemehuevi settled at the Oasis in 1867 and intermingled peacefully with the Serrano.
Since then, the water from the oasis has been used to grow vegetables for travelers arriving by stage coach, then rail, and now automobile. Which means they have been doing it a lot longer than the Obamas. But I am still glad that the Obamas plan to break ground on a kitchen garden tomorrow.
Last year, I didn't even want to mention the inn by name because it was so extremely difficult to obtain a vacant room. The recession has really spooked people. When we called, there were still a few vacancies on weekends during spring wildflower season. Yes, the Admiral's cabin on the boat moored in the oasis was still available! Look at the picture above. Can you believe no one has booked that? I guess the end of the world is really neigh. If you want to save the world economy, you can call for reservations. (760) 367-3505

Remember last year when I complained about how hard it was to view the stars with the full moon? We will be there near the new moon this year. This means we can go to the Hidden Valley Picnic Area at 7:30 (19:30) March 28 for stargazing with the Andromeda Society at one of their monthly star parties.

Geology, flowers, hiking, rock climbing, astronomy, eating and playing. It doesn't get any better than that. Well, maybe we can start a knitting circle on our deck or around the pool or by the oasis.

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  1. Andromeda Society... that's the one. You found it. Have fun!


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