Thursday, July 07, 2011

My Marilyn

When we visited Wupatki National Monument (near Flagstaff, AZ) the blowhole was blowing. We couldn't resist taking this photo.
The sale of the Debbie Reynolds movie costume collection was in the news that week, so I thought about this.
The break-up of the collection fills me with sadness. Read this analysis.
As he picked up costume after costume, Randy Habercamp of the [Motion Picture] Academy shook his head as it sunk in how many iconic pieces were leaving this country for good. “Well,” he said, seeking to put it all in some perspective, “it happened to the treasures of Greece. It happened to Italy. I guess now it’s our turn.” (Randy was there for the experience—the Academy did not send an official representative to bid on costumes.)

Info about construction of the skirt is in Hello Goth!

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