Saturday, July 09, 2011

Scaling Up

Remember when I reknit my favorites in 2/3 scale for Iris here and here?
2/3 scale turned into 3/4 and then 4/5 scale. I was quite melancholy when I was cutting out yoga pants for the two of us and laid the two patterns on top of each other for comparison. She's growing so fast!
Compare with the all in one (F and B cut in one piece) pattern piece for the first pair of pants I made for her.
We bought her shoes this week for back to school. Remember last year when I realized I could fit in her shoes (though it was a tight fit)? She'll be wearing my shoes soon, if I let her. We are in negotiations.


  1. Love the photo of the two of you. It is precious.

  2. My mom and I wear the same size shoe. It is handy when I visit (and I send her shoes that I don't like but think will suit her)!

  3. SabaRehman12:46

    Hi! after many years of watching my mother cut and sew like an expert, although she was!, i finally sat down to cut a pattern of pajamas for my 3 yr old doll :) and walla! i succeeded :) thanks to you Mom!


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