Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seashore Dress

We went for a walk and had lunch at the beach on Sunday. Are they having a deep conversation?Or is she complaining .again. about the sand kicked up by the waves? Or how we have ruined her forever by raising her in a weather paradise so that she can never leave?

The dress sure looks great IMHO. Here it is, washed and drying on the dress form. It is outbound to her younger cousin.

I made a size 140 cm (height) or US size 10. But, I didn't realize the dress pattern is for knits until too late. It barely fits over her head and is a tad too short.

Because I was working with a thrifted ruffled skirt, I cut the dress pattern with the bottom along the skirt hem, being careful to align the sides. I forgot to pay attention to the total length and the hem rises up in the center back. It is more of a tunic than a dress.

The front has deep pleats so the front piece is wider than the back piece. Thus, I preserved one side seam so the F piece could extend slightly into the B of the skirt. I also had to make each pleat slightly shallower. I used up almost the entire skirt to make this dress/tunic.
  • The full pattern review.
  • The Burda 9546 Flickr set, including those hard-to-find Burda envelope front and back pictures and my slapdash interior finishing techniques for children's clothes.
I am under orders to make her a longer one with a wider head opening. I am not sure if I feel cooperative.


  1. Too bad it doesn't fit, it's very cute! And resourceful to use a thrifted skirt for the bottom.

  2. This is such a cute dress! It doesn't really look too short for a beach-y dress in that photo, looks just right!
    Thank you so much for you lovely words about my Mum's vest. She was thrilled to get so many compliments!


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