Saturday, April 13, 2013

First, do no harm

I am NOT sick, but I wish this article was available, years ago, when I was seriously sick.
For a Sick Friend: First, Do No Harm: Conversing with the ill can be awkward, but keeping a few simple commandments makes a huge difference
It's a short article with 10 simple rules.  I've heard all the don'ts mentioned in the article and can affirm that they all make the sick person feel even worse.


  1. That is an *excellent* list.

  2. Carolyn Hax, the kindest advice columnist I've ever read, led me to another article today on the same general topic. Symbiosis.,0,2074046.story

  3. Excellent list. I've heard them all as well. I especially enjoy the medical advice.

  4. Very, very good list!
    Interesting synchrony, here's something related:,0,2074046.story
    And some interesting comments about it

  5. Thanks for passing on the silk ring theory link. I will definitely use the ring of kvetching test in the future.

  6. It's good as a basic guide for folks who really always find themselves stumbling in such situations. On the other hand, there's no simple better-worse in a lot of interactions. It gets old when everyone treats you like you're in the center circle, when you're not actually feeling like that reflects your reality.


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