Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Go Seamsters!

I have been away for a week so I didn't have a chance to watch The Great British Sewing Bee until today. I found it compelling, even if the drama was a bit contrived. I would much prefer to watch people sew than to cook. (YMMV)

The BBC bios of the contestants.
BBC page for the show with links to watch it in the UK.

The full episodes are also on YouTube for those of us outside the UK.

An A-line skirt in 3.5 hours in an user-friendly fabric should be doable, but a fly front men's trouser in 4 hours?  Really?  Does the skill, time and effort scale?

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

One of the great things I notice about people who make stuff is that they are generally nice and likable people.  There are no villains and it was sad to see contestants sent off at the end of each episode.

The challenges didn't show off the skills of Mark, who was sent home after the 2nd episode.  The steampunk costumes he sews for himself are incredible.  Who wouldn't have a soft spot for a guy who says, honestly and unironically, that he enjoys evenings sewing in the living room next to his wife, each of them at their own sewing machines, with the telly on?

82 year old Ann is the favorite to win.  I like this tweet.
This old woman shouldn't be allowed on The Great British Sewing Bee, she's obviously going to win #oldpeoplearegoodateverything #unfair
I really like the hashtag, #oldpeoplearegoodateverything.


  1. looks like a sweet show! thanks for the links.

  2. Ann is very nicely trouncing the competition. I've enjoyed the first two episodes--I hope that the continue to appear on Youtube. I'm sad that Jane was eliminated--I wanted to see what she was sewing with that length of Liberty fabric...

  3. Didn't they say Jane will return when she recovers from her illness (if she does so in time)?

    Although my head tells me that Ann is likely to win. My heart belongs to Sandra.

  4. I love the show. I'm just happy that there's a show about sewing on at all to gripe. That tweet was awesome!

  5. Hah! This marks the third time I've seen that #oldpeoplearegoodateverything hashtag and I'm loving it every time! Even though I still don't totally understand the whole hashtag thing, being a confirmed non-tweeter. But #Icanuseitanyway.


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