Saturday, April 27, 2013


I watched the conclusion of The Great British Sewing Bee tonight and I have only one thing to say: #oldpeoplearegoodateverything.

Ann deserved to win the competition and all of the participants were worthy competitors.

The epilogue confused me.  It said that Ann had recently taken up quilting.  That's not true.

Look at Ann Rowley's Flickr stream, particularly the Patchwork and Quilting sets. There are examples of her quiltwork going back several years.  Check out the label on her Stars in the Garden quilt.  The quilt was started in 2005 and finished in 2007, years before The Great British Sewing Bee.

Exploring Ann's Flickr photostream, you can learn that she knits, crochets, quilts and makes garments.  She can pretty much do anything well.  Is this among the neatest and best executed tubular cast-ons you have ever seen?

#oldpeoplearegoodateverything and may we all live to make it true!


  1. Hah! When I first read the comment from the (presumably young) person who said #oldpeoplearegoodateverything I wanted to frame it and put it on my wall!.

    Still do.......

    And I'm delighted that Ann won. I really liked all of the finalists, but still, Ann deserved the win. Big time. :)

  2. I agree experience trumps every time! So thrilled that Ann won!!!

  3. I was moved to tears when the judges acknowledged Ann's expertise. I loved our other two contestants (actually of them seemed charming and happy to be there) but I was rooting for Ann in my heart.

  4. All the contestants were great. I really enjoyed watching a gracious competition. I'm not certain if this exists on the US television.


  5. Thanks for all the comments. I read and appreciate all of them.

    @Rose I don't think Americans are any less gracious than the British. I do think that most commercial TV is edited to be meaner than public TV (like BBC and PBS).

    Remember when I encountered "reality" TV filming in my neighborhood coffee shop?

    The producer was trying to get the two dating contestants to act like there was trouble between them. They had to do several takes to get those two to speak like they were mad at each other when they really weren't.


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