Saturday, July 06, 2013

In the days before helicopter parenting

The cat in the hat came avisiting.

So why do people ask what the mom was thinking?  Why does the dad get off scot-free in the blame game?

The Mom From ‘The Cat in the Hat’ Finally Speaks by Sarah Schmelling explains all.

You need to read this. Really.


  1. Outstanding. Thank you for sharing that!

  2. Good stuff. Excellent points about The Man in the Yellow Hat.

    My sister is a helicopter parent (I was not), to the point of trying to mold one of her daughters into a professional musician. It's painful to watch, especially as her focus shifts from the older to the younger of her daughters.

  3. Anonymous16:08

    Holy shit, that is insanely great.


    a mom who is having a difficult summer

    1. I'm sorry that you are having a difficult summer.

      My daughter is at a 3 week sleepaway camp and I am already mourning the end. I have secret plans to ship her off to her grandparents in SD until my sister in SF can take her. With any luck, I'll only have her the last week before school begins.


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