Sunday, October 18, 2015


But not the ones from the pillow poll.
I mis-remembered the size of the pillow inserts I had purchased and made plain black cotton canvas backs for a 24-25" pillow forms.
I purchased the canvas from the Colorado Fabrics Home Dec remnant rack for a song.  The helpful ladies at CF taught me how to reduce bulk at the edges by using an invisible zipper 2-3" in from the edge.  If I didn't tell you the zip opening was there, would you see it?

I pulled out my Japanese jacquard fabric and realized that it is only 42" wide so I need 20" pillow inserts.  I went into the closet and found that I had, indeed, purchased 20" pillow inserts.  That sent me the Elfriede's for the "B" side fabric.

Hmm, how can I use the pillow backs that I put so much work into already?

I stopped by Home Goods on my way home from work and picked up two 26" pillow Euro square pillows.  I carried these home on my bike.  The nice ladies at HG taped the pillows to my bike rack and panniers to save me from having to come back with my car.

On my last trip to LA, I found excavated this heavy-weight black/white cotton jacquard on my shelf of home dec fabrics.  I bought this in 1997 for use in our first apartment in LA together.  When we moved into our townhouse, I put the fabric away and forgot I had it.  Sometimes, it pays to be a packrat.

The other AB + AB pillows are in the queue after DD's Halloween costume and back-to-school wardrobe.  Due to the prolonged heat wave in the western US, Fall clothes are not yet needed.  If I drag out the back-to-school sewing, can I plausibly call them birthday presents?

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