Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Democracy 3

This November will be my first time to vote as a Boulder, Colorado resident since the 1990s. Fortunately, I can rely on the help of my friend who writes the Colorado and Boulder Ballot Issues blog to help me sort out the issues.

FWIW, Boulder politics hasn't changed much since my last stint.  Many candidates give lip service to affordable housing, but don't lift a finger to do anything about it.  Worse, they block attempts to ameliorate the severe housing crisis faced by moderate and low-income workers* in Boulder.

Boulder is the most expensive housing market in Colorado both to rent and to buy.  What has city council done?  Say yes to a new Googleplex, as well as hundreds of thousands of square feet of new office space while severely restricting construction of housing.

After navigating the Boulder real estate market as both a renter and a buyer (and a remodeler), I have a few thoughts about how the city could improve the situation.  ;-)

Please read Colorado and Boulder Ballot Issues for very well-informed and reasoned arguments about how to vote on the myriad issues that Colorado in general and Boulder County in particular will vote on this November.

* The land purchased by the city to build permanently affordable housing has shot up in value while the city has dragged it's feet on building said housing.  Meanwhile, some council members propose to sell the valuable site in the transit village to the highest bidder (adding to the supply of $2000+/mo 1-bedroom apartments in that neighborhood) and put affordable housing on the outskirts of town.

Not only would this delay the delivery of affordable housing, but it's a giant FU to those that need it.

After all, don't low-income single-parent families NEED walkable neighborhoods and good transit options even more than families that can afford reliable cars and a stay-at-home parent or nanny to schlep the kids around?

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