Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mining water 2

As long as I am showing t-shirt refashions aka water mining, I thought I should show you this beloved shirt.

A few years ago, DD outgrew pink and decided she likes hipster graphic Ts.  I duly purchased silkscreen supplies, but never got around to using them.  (Life got busy.)

Thrift stores are full of graphic Ts.  Smaller ones get the Quick T-shirt refashion hem treatment.   Larger ones are recut at the shoulders/sides while preserving the neckline as shown in World Water Day 2015.

But these musical birds got the full treatment. I 'fussy cut' around the motif to place the birds optimally. Then I cut sleeves and a new neckband from a coordinating fabric (remnant from SAS Fabrics) and sewed the t-shirt together from scratch.  This t-shirt has been loved and worn to death in the past ~3 years so I thought I'd better document it (with holes) before it goes into the rag pile.

The birds are just awesome.  Each one is uniquely hipster in its own way and does it's own thing musically.

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