Saturday, October 31, 2015

Time to get sewing

The Harley Quinn inspiration picture that DD showed me.
A bit tight for a teen, but looks like a fun costume.
The least disgusting costume I could find RTW on the internet.
But only available in Australia for > $100 and with a warning that the fabric is sheer and requires a full-body flesh-toned body stocking.
Sigh.  Why are RTW Halloween costumes for women so slutty?

Difference between men's and women's costumes.
The costume is done, mailed off to LA, and tried on for size. It fits! More pix and construction deets after she's debuted the costume.

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  1. Good mom. Where I come from (New Zealand) Halloween is still new enough to be mostly self-made costumes for anyone over six. Unless you already own one. I have seen these slutty adult costumes advertised and wondered if anyone actually wears them in North America. Please tell me no. But I guess they sell..


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