Saturday, February 13, 2010

Roadside Geology

One day, four (western-sized!) states, in the minivan. And we got up at 7 AM to pack, eat breakfast and tidy up the house (for the housesitter) before heading out. Whew! Bad Dad and I need a vacation after our vacation.

That dry lake bed on the California-Nevada border at I-15? It's a a salt pond today.
Snow-capped peaks outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.
The Arizona section of I-15 may be short, ~30 miles, but it is particularly impressive.  Don't ever believe the tightwads who say that government can do nothing right. 
Utah is not too shabby, either.


  1. Have a great time!

  2. Thanks! I thought of you when I did the familiar runs. The snow at Brighton was pretty good, and should get better after tonight's snowfall.

    Next up, Alta!