Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The trouble with metrics

“In this world in which we are so centered on metrics, those things that are not measured get left off the agenda,” [Joseph Stiglitz] said. “You need a metric to fight a metric.”

Read Are Metrics Blinding Our Perception?

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I am not advocating using psychics over metrics.  But I would like us to think a bit more carefully about what the metrics tell us.  What are we really measuring?  Are there alternate interpretations?

Hopeless but not serious offers an excellent alternate interpretation of the marshmallow test.  A philosophy professor at a top liberal arts school, Oona has quite a few cogent insights into metrics, accountability and ethics.

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  1. I had a girlfriend who used the Trixie Tracker (now Trixie Telemetry). She was absolutely addicted and called it parenting porn.


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