Saturday, February 13, 2010


I hate sugar holidays. I feel especially inadequate when other mommy bloggers show off their home made Valentines while I dash at the last minute to Target to buy the last box of gender-neutral Sponge Bob valentines.  (Iris needed 2 boxes, necessitating a mad dash to another Target).

Mintage Home shows you how she made three four (!?!) types of valentinesPennamite brags on her Facebook page that she made 26 handmade valentines over the weekend.

Chez Bad Mom, we still haven't gotten around to carving the pumpkin we bought last October. 
The narcissus bloomed early this week, followed yesterday by the daffodil. It's a bit earlier than I recall in previous years.  (See Earth Day Resolution 2009)

But I did one Good Mom thing.  Pennamite alerted me to the $2 clothing sale at our neighborhood Goodwill last month.  I found this girls' skirt (in addition to the sweater shown with my Emerald City shawl).  It's a bit too short for Iris, so I let out the hem and attached a ruffle made out of sueded rayon from my stash.  I also repaired a small rip and added a pink button.  Does this count as a valentine for my sweetie?
There was stash enhancement in January (from SAS Fabrics) in addition to the GW shopping spree. The top four shiny things are 25" wide tie fabrics. The three geometrics are high-quality polyesters (some of the bolts say made in Germany), the silk stripe is from England. 99 cents a yard. The bottom is a soft rayon/lycra. $3/pound.  What should I make with it?
Check out the label on the African fabric. 
Dries Van Noten's Spring 2010 RTW line is very appealing. Let's see what my Spring 2010 wardrobe looks like. I am channeling peacock colors of turquoise, purple, cobalt, emerald, shots of orange/gold and graphic black and white.


  1. I know you are sort of joking, but please don't call yourself a bad mother. Think of all of the travelling that you've done with Iris... Those adventures are just as wonderful as 26 homemade Valentines. In fact, the travels, the knitting, the sewing -- these are all Valentines that you share with Iris throughout the year!

  2. dude homemade skirts are so much better than homemade valentines! Also, homemade IDL plots are so much better than homemade Valentines (I found your blog like a year ago after googling IDL colortables).

  3. Really, the valentines we made this year (mostly Nell, I just helped) took about an hour, while Jake was in the bath nearby--they were pretty simple and used up a bunch of stash papers. It wasn't a big project. Didn't even take a photo. ;)

  4. My kids look at their valentines for about .000001 seconds before ripping into the attached candy. Valentines without candy get even less attention.

    I totally think the homemade skirt counts.

  5. @Lisa, thanks for the perspective. I have been introducing Iris to computer programming in Perl and Mathematica. I think that it is easier to teach math concepts with Mathematica than IDL. But, for visualizing satellite data, there is nothing like IDL.

    Right now, I am working on a team project with pieces written in Perl, Unix shell scripts, C, C++, Fortran and IDL. That's why I had to go pick up a Perl book.

    Surprisingly, Iris had a really fun time watching me write Perl scripts. She instantly said that she can sort of see how it works; that must be the way they wrote the Moron test (iphone app). Then she started making programming suggestions.

    When I showed her how to plot Sin(nx) with Mathematica, she said that must be how the different radio frequencies look. Huh?

    She said they built an AM radio tuner in circuits lab (science) in 4th grade. She understood and remembered that?!?

    @Jomama, we did tape pink and red Hershey's kisses to each valentine.


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