Friday, February 12, 2010

Emerald City

This shawl is loosely based upon the free pattern named Multnomah, home county of Portland, the “city of roses”. But, to me, Portland will always be the emerald city. Coming from parched California, I could not get over the greenness of Portland. Malabrigo colorway Solis contains deep emerald green, teal and flashes of brilliant blue. It’s like a peacock feather.
I was uncertain about the recommended size 3 needle. But it opened up nicely after wet blocking. The garter section became soft and drapey, the lace popped. All is good. The color is perfect with my “new-to-me” $2 thrift store sweater!

I changed the edge increases to yo 1 stitch inside the edges. There is also only 1 center stitch, instead of the 5 in the written pattern. The pattern says to use 10 repeats of the F&F pattern. But I tried to eke out 11 (based upon the weight of the remaining yarn) and fell short while binding off. Fortunately, I had another yarn in my collection that is a close match.
Ravelry project notes.


  1. fantastic job! I love the color as well.

  2. Anonymous10:16

    Sorry, Seattle has already claimed the title of Emerald City.

  3. Love the colors.

  4. Yes, Seattle is officially the Emerald City and Portland is the City of Roses.

    I discovered I was allergic to roses at the Portland city garden. Achoo!

    Seattle is in the rain shadow of the Olympic peninsula and Portland is actually wetter and greener than Seattle. That's why, Portland is MY Emerald City. YMMV.


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