Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ethnic Cleansing in Action

Remember when I wrote about ethnic cleansing in the media?  I saw it in action in my neighborhood coffee shop last week. 

A "reality" show was filming in the coffee shop around the corner from my daughter's school (top 10% for student body diversity in CA).  The owners of the shop are Asian Americans.  The on location producers for the show are Asian Americans.  The people working behind the camera are representative of LA's population. 

It's not the fake Barbieness of the "reality show" contestant with the fake blonde hair and boobs that bothered me.  It was the fact that the producers pushed the coffee shop's real patrons out of the frame--all except one table. 

Guess the color of the patrons they left in the camera frame?

Why is the real color spectrum of Los Angeles too shameful to show on a "reality" show?


  1. How nauseating! I suppose no one pointed this out to them?

  2. Anonymous09:11

    The sole purpose of tv shows is to engage viewers' attention for the advertisers.
    They think this "reality show" will have a greater audience than actual reality would. It all falls to the mighty dollar.


  3. @Cindy
    Why do you suppose advertisers want to advertise on ethnically cleansed shows? Has anyone done the control experiment?

    Do you work in advertising? Does anyone who works in TV and advertising want to enlighten me about how these decisions are made?

    Disney has made the opposite business decision. They saw that more than half of US children are non-hispanic whites and decided to reflect that in their casting. Are they hurt financially by that decision?

  4. Anonymous17:46

    I am not in advertising, just cynical. They have focus groups and market research and Nielsen ratings to guide where they spend.
    I've participated in both, for products rather than tv shows.

    Too bad they've never asked me what shows I'd watch on tv! As I keep telling dh: the quality of the picture isn't the issue with our tv set, the quality of the programming is! Thus no need for HDTV for us.



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