Sunday, February 25, 2007

The "Green" Oscars?

Al and Leo announced that the Oscars have gone completely green. I beg to differ. If the Oscars were really green, shouldn't people be given the option to arrive by public transit?

The Hollywood and Highland Red Line (subway) station is closed all day today for the Oscars. Read MTA's announcement. That's not all, the streets near the Kodak theater have been closed down for a whole week. As LAObserved pointed out, "Pasadena keeps the Rose Parade route open to the public pretty much until show time. Ditto for the Los Angeles Marathon. But for some reason, busy Hollywood Boulevard has to be closed for a full week before the Oscars ceremony."

They shut down a busy arterial for a whole week, snarling traffic (and increasing air pollution). Bus lines had to be rerouted (through tomorrow!?) to accommodate the event. Pedestrians were sent on a long detour through a warren of dark corridors because the sidewalks were blocked off.

Yeah, but the stars don't take the subway, they arrive by limo, right? Not exactly. It takes a great many people to put on a show like that. Mark knows someone who works for the Academy and is up there in the nosebleed section. He doesn't have a limo. He wanted to take the subway to work tonight but was thwarted.

It is a long walk between the Hollywood/Vine and Hollywood/Highland stations, especially when you are wearing high heels.

Everyone knows that, in Hollywood, the more people you can screw, the more power you wield. Why the MTA and the city of Hollywood went along with it, I don't know.

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