Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thoughts on Hollywood SWAG

So the dorky secret date took us to the James Bond film festival at American Cinematheque's Aero Theater. Mark loves trivia. He took third place even though his brother has had his Sean Connery as 007 boxed set for the past year. Take a look at the Hollywood SWAG he won. The cologne was not in the picture because he gave it away as soon as he opened the bag. (I have asthma and we keep a scent-free home.)

When we looked at the loot, we both thought about the goodie bag at a toddler birthday party a few years back. Both of the little girl's parents work in Hollywood, but they also work hard to 'keep it real' for the sake of their daughter. Imagine my shock and horror when the mother handed me a huge shopping bag for a goodie bag. I peaked inside and saw several games, toys, two t-shirts, and two largish stuffed animals--all in the same cartoon character theme as the party.

All I could think was, "She upped the ante! I can't believe she did that. There is no way I am going to be able to keep up with this." I must have looked really panicked. The mother quickly related how she had called the promotions department at Movie Studio X and asked if they had anything they wanted to get rid of. Before she was off the phone, some gofers had dumped six boxes of this movie promotional stuff in her office. Then she asked if Iris liked the cartoon character. There were still two more boxes of this stuff in her garage she needed to unload.

I need to stop obsessing about goodie bags. This is my sixth post on the subject.


Iris' nanny gave her a fantastic haircut. Look at the softly layered shoulder-length bob that beatifully show off her natural soft waves. Is it not adorable? Should I beg for a matching cut?

That's all folks.


  1. Anonymous12:56

    That is definitely a great haircut! Amazing... I wouldn't have thought that cutting hair would have been on the list of a nanny's qualifications. That is a very nice picture of your daughter as well.

  2. Anonymous16:32

    Here's my third try to leave you a comment. Yes, ask for a matching cut! It's very feminine.

  3. Unfortunately, Grace, you don't have the natural waves to carry it off. Sorry to burst the bubble.

  4. I went to comment and ... Ann beat me to it by several years (lol). (the second Ann to comment, too)


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