Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mini Latoya

Here are the promised pictures of the 2/3 scale Latoya Tank. You can fine-tune the width with the number of side panel stitches. I used the same row count for the cabling as for the full-size sweater. The cables are elongated relative to the adult version, but in a good sort of way. I thought the cables looked too scrunched together on my sweater.

I ran out of pistachio green Cotton Ease. None of my other hoarded odd balls of (discontinued) Cotton Ease looked right. The yarn stores didn't offer anything suitable. I remembered a cone of pale blue cotton yarn, the same type that I used for Plum Blossom. Iris approved of the color so I knitted on!

I solved the slipping strap problem by turning it into a racer back. The selvage edges don't look so great. Let's hope that, after washing and drying, they will improve. If not, Iris moves so fast, no one will be able to observe them closely.

Plum Blossom
My Latoya Tank, the beginning
Latoya Tank FO
Latoya Free Pattern from Berroco
Where's the other half skein of Pistachio Green Cotton Ease?
Luni changed Latoya from a tank to a cap-sleeved sweater.

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  1. What a delightful knit! The colors are wonderful.


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