Monday, July 30, 2007

Should Grown Women Wear Jumpers?

Carolyn asks
Since I am a woman of a certain age ~ I definitely declare this look wearable! Now what about you will you make a jumper for the fall season? Or do you think it is just not for a woman over a certain age????
My answer is, "Hell, yes!" In fact, I never stopped wearing them. Above are two of my favorites that survived my recent closet purges. The left one is Italian wool gabardine lined in Bemberg, the right one is heavy wool crepe; I bought the fabric for both at Denver Fabrics.

The red jumper, Butterick 6266, has waist darts only. Consequently, there is a little bit of excess fabric at the armholes. A true princess seam that ends in the armscythe would be more effective. Nevertheless, I love the color and wear it whenever it gets cold enough in LA, which is non often enough. The gray jumper, Butterick 3725, has very flattering upwardly sloping bust darts.

I recently purged a batik cotton madras jumper made from the third pattern, Butterick 5051. I wore that jumper very often in my twenties, but I doubt I would wear it now. I do love Indian madras plaids that have been waxed and overdyed. I only wish I had bought more when it was available. I haven't seen any lately.

These are a few of the jumper patterns in my stash that I haven't made up yet. I like the bottom center one the best and might make it up out of rayon/linen twill for the fall.

The mommy and me dresses have yet to materialize. However, I quite like the brown and aqua/turquoise color combination. Once I hemmed the brown pants, I started pairing it with watery blue t-shirts from my wardrobe. Iris wanted me to attach a skirt to the sparkly tank top she recently got. I think the swatch will do. We can imperfectly match! I am embracing imperfection lately.

This counts as a wardrobe refashion post. Moreover, the green pillow on the right is a recycled bath towel. A friend of my mother in law moved from San Diego to Florida and couldn't bear to throw anything away, but couldn't take it all with her. My MIL came home with a stack of perfectly usable linens. She had no use for them, but I did.

The green towel is so soft, one rarely finds cotton of this quality in bath towels any more. I added some sparkly vintage yellow/silver buttons. I made the pink pillows from new towels from IKEA, but they feel like cardboard. Sometimes, cheap is just cheap and not worth the effort.


  1. I wore a uniform to school for twelve years, so no more jumpers "over a certain age" happened when I was about ten. Ours were a hideous plaid, with pleated skirts. Never again.

  2. Anonymous18:07

    I decided in my mid-30s to let jumpers go. And I regret it. I still miss one I gave away! I do wear them now and love them. Of course, 'fashion' isn't my main barometer when deciding what to wear!


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