Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Painting Landscape Fabrics Day 1

Mickey Lawler made painting blue skies look like a piece of cake. Back at my own work table, the first one, at top, was a disappointment. I tried again with less water. It was still too runny. After it dried slightly, I went back with an almost dry sea sponge dipped in a stronger paint+water solution. Experimentation is good. Mickey estimates she has painted 40,000+ yards of fabric in her lifetime. I have painted about 5 yards.

The first sunset proves that one should always use test fabric before applying paint to fabric. The second sunset, at bottom, is much improved.

We tried painting water. The bottom piece was scrunched to give support to the top piece. The top piece was laid on top, painted and sprinkled with salt. The two pieces look different, but both very usable for quilting. Color mixing comes with practice. I clearly need more practice.

Anticipation. The sunprint is shown below.

Yeah, I am having fun.

* This was painting, not dyeing. However, I cross-tagged it dyeing so that it can be compared to dyed fabrics.

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