Saturday, July 14, 2007

On Vacation

I forgot, Iris and I started our one week vacation at home today. We began by sleeping in, reading and gardening in the morning. After a lunch of cold soba noodles over salad, we strolled to Mr B's Bricks to rent two Lego education kits for the week. (Although they rent many kits at the store, the education kits are for rent only to their students. They charge only a nominal fee.)

Mr B threw in two copies of the first 10 lesson booklets. Iris had done 8 of them during the spring session, but she only got through the basic portion of each lesson. We wanted her to be able to do the challenge parts as well.

The fall session starts October 1, 2007. Although their students are mostly boys, they have another six year old girl student that really "gets" Lego. The two Mr B's (both partners have last names starting with B) want to form a semi-private class for the two girls. Kids these days have such busy schedules. I hope we can swing it.

I used Gmaps Pedometer to discover that we live ~500 meters from Mr B's Bricks. Next, we will visit The Cotton shop, ~500 meters in the other direction, for mommy and me dress fabric. Iris prefers the one second from the left.

We will use the car to drive to Getty Center to see the Überorgan that Sitting Knitting blogged about, perhaps on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday, I am taking a class from Mickey Lawler to learn how to paint Landscape Fabrics.

Mark wants to take Iris to the Museum of Natural History one of those two days. We also want to hang out at the beach one day. One week vacation at home is too short.

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  1. Anonymous10:01

    If you have some more time to kill when you are near The Getty Center, you might consider the Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball Center. My daughter is only two, but we all had a great time. On the weekend you have to reserve tickets ahead of time, but I'm not sure during the week.


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