Thursday, December 03, 2009

The cycle of life

When Iris was a newborn and when I was really sick, my in-laws would come over with a cooler full of food.  Or my mom would fly in, walk to the grocery store around the corner, and then cook up a storm.  They would not leave me without a freezer full of food.

They've had quite a few health challenges this year and are in no shape to travel to our house.

It gave me pause to realize that now I am the one cooking in huge batches and bringing them over to their homes.

Bad Dad is going to San Diego almost every weekend that he is not traveling for work.  Iris usually accompanies him.  I don't go every time, but I prep large amounts of ready-to-eat foods for them before he leaves.  Although we had Thanksgiving dinner in San Francisco, my in-laws enjoyed my traditional butternut squash and bacon soup with their thanksgiving meal.  (Their family traditionally holds a potluck with the host providing the mains while the guests provide the sides.)

I also sent down black bean and sweet potato salad (w/ corn but sans jalepenos) and apple-persimmon cake via my sister-in-law.  We met up with her at a hotel en route from her home in northern northern California to San Diego.

My mom received some of the same cake, but the rest of the meal came from Whole Foods.  Bad Dad pre-ordered it on the internet and specified the WF most convenient to my mom's house.  WF was mobbed on Thanksgiving morning.  We checked in at a computer kiosk set up for the event, paid at the register, and then went outside to the truck in front of the store from which they passed out the pre-ordered Thanksgiving meals.

A meal for 4?  Hah!

We ate it the next night, then divided up the leftovers.  We had turkey sandwiches for lunch this week.  Tonight, I made turkey salad and turkey and veggie soup (CSA delivery day).  Mark made turkey fried rice.  That's it for our leftovers.

What about you?


  1. We had a nice Thansgiving. My daughter and husband did most of teh cooking for everyone because I can't stand up that long(the MS)
    It was very nice. My sister brought fancy desserts. Everyone helped clean up. The day after I made stock from the bones and I have over a gallon of stock to make soup with. My husband has already made sweet potato and ham soup with some of it. Last night we had mac and cheese (from scratch)with turkey and my son said it was the best he had ever had.

  2. My parents came over, and my Mom and my sister cooked Thanksgiving for us, my cousin and his wife, and two of our closest friends. All I had to do was provide the house! Last year, we had an even bigger crowd, and I was much more involved in the cooking. But since Petunia was only 7 weeks old, I didn't think I could handle any cooking this year.

    We ate leftovers for a couple of nights, and have two containers of turkey meat in our freezer.

  3. I cooked an abbreviated Thanksgiving meal (Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and whatever green vegetables were at hand) several weeks before the actual holiday that generated meals over the following week.

    For the actual holiday I helped prepare a more extravagant meal for 12 in Santa Barbara. I didn't take any leftovers due to my travel schedule.

    I'll probably prepare another abbreviated Thanksgiving meal in the coming weeks. I love mass quantities of home-cooked leftovers - so quick, so tasty.

    I have eaten
    the turkey
    that was in
    the icebox

    and which
    you were probably
    saving for

    Forgive me
    it was delicious
    so savory
    and so easy

    to william

  4. I had both my sons (and the one daughter-in-law) for the first time in years, and both my grandchildren for the first time ever! So I did part pre-made (from our local chain that competes with Whole Foods and is better) and part home-cooked. The store provided a cooked boneless turkey breast, wild rice stuffing, and roasted root vegetables; I made a salmon, mashed potatoes, green beans with lemon zest, and a chocolate pudding pie. My husband made pecan pie.


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