Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Did you miss anything lately?

Well, I would say in the beginning I thought I had to keep work and home very separate. I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do, especially as a woman. You know, you don’t bring up your children and you don’t bring up the fact that you’re having these issues at home.
I used to keep literally two separate calendars, and then wonder why I missed a few things.
I still don't have any shorty, pithy answers for work-life balance, whatever that means. But the interview with Teresa Taylor, COO of Qwest, contains one interesting viewpoint (and journey).

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  1. I read that too and agreed - why keep work and hoe separate when they are both eqwually important? If they are separate but "equal", well, we all know how that works out.
    I work at home, so my time is all the same calendar now and it's all important.


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