Sunday, December 20, 2009

Golden Braid

Not much to say.  The pattern (in Japanese) should be easy to follow if you read Japanese.  Even though I don't, the diagrams were not too difficult to decipher.  I scaled it down to 4/5 scale for Iris.  The pattern shows a turtleneck sweater.  I was working with 200 grams of this fluffy cotton/wool roving-type yarn.    There was enough to make only the yoke.  Iris didn't want a full sweater anyways.

Here's a scan of the picture in the book, Aran Knit by Keiko Okamoto.  You can buy the book from, or Books Sanseido.

The full project details are on Ravelry.

It looks great with the Black/Yellow/White version of Simplicity 5635.

The leather flower in the top photo was the only thing I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July.  (Recession Chic is so uninspiring!)  I gave Iris a leather accessory in her favorite color for the first day of school for that extra boost of confidence.

Addendum:  She came home from the playdate.  She tried it on.  It fits!  She lurves it.


  1. It's fantastic!

  2. The scan looks like the same technique was used that I just used in Cheadle by Rowan, i.e. a braided section across the chest. I'll be posting about my finished project soon.

    Love your version!

  3. Actually, the braided sections are gigantic knit cables. (3 sections of 16 or 8 stitches crossed every 20 or 10 rows with one edge stitch for later seaming). The 16 stitch cross was tricky to maneuver. I had to resort to an extra needle for the first couple of rows after each cross.

  4. It is fantastic! I am surprised I didn't catch this earlier. Crossing a 16 stitch cable! I don't have the pattern but I hope to try something like it someday.


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