Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kwik Sew 3274 A aka the Floaty Blouse

We were browsing the selection at SAS Fabrics when she grabbed this and said, "You know, one of my favorite color combinations is pink and brown."

Good taste; I love paisley and this 100% rayon crepe was only $2/yard.  I bought 4 yards and only used a bit over 1 for the blouse.  Someday, she will get a skirt or floaty dress with the rest.  She already has a pair of brown corduroy jeans and a pink denim jean skirt that match.

Kwik Sew 3274 went together quickly.  She didn't cooperate and try it on before running out for her playdate this morning.   I am not sure if it fits.  I made a size 10 and need to shorten the sleeves by 2".  A size 8 might have fit better, but she said she prefers it loose and floppy.  The pattern review is here.

This concludes my holiday knitting and sewing for Iris.

There is one more item for her cousin, but I am going to wait until she comes for her visit and let her pick her own fabric.  Then, back to making stuff for moi.


  1. Very cute - I love pink and brown too. So pretty

  2. Is there an adult version of this pattern? I could use a floaty blouse of my own (as IF I had time, *snork*)

  3. @Jomama
    I have no clue; did you check the Kwik Sew website to see their current patterns?


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