Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I've been meaning to post about the hacked climate emails, but I didn't have time to delve into the subject.

Fortunately, Richard has summed up the situation nicely.  Please read his post, Why we should worry about the hacked emails from CRU.  I will wait.

I am especially disheartened by headlines saying things to the effect that cutting carbon emissions will be expensive.  Some, but not all, of the costs will be offset by energy savings, but it will likely cause some economic dislocation.  But, the unstated assumption is that doing nothing will not cause economic dislocation.

Global warming is already causing economic dislocation among some of the poorest humans on the planet--the ones who are not running up the carbon tab.

What do we morally owe the Bangladeshi family of subsistence farmers whose wells have turned brackish due to salt water incursion from sea level rise?  No, buying a carbon offset every time we fly won't raise enough blood money to compensate them for their children who will be malnourished and die from our callousness.


  1. If Scandinavia believes it can cut emissions by 40%, I am not happy that Canada apparently proposed to cut by a stunning 3%.
    Cycling, taking public transit, eating less/no meat, eating local fruits/vegetables, trying hard to buy less plastic junk, refusing over packaging - what are realistic things normal people can do in every day life to make a real difference, without government involvement?
    Thanks for reminding us to think.
    Lisa in Toronto

  2. Thanks for the link, Grace. I don't understand why the US is so behind on doing our part. Only Australia is on a per capita basis worse than us!


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