Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mining Water 3: Simplicity 1666

I hope you are not sick of t-shirt refashions because I have more.
When you make stuff from junk, people give you their junk.  I accepted a pile of shirts and fabric graciously from a declutterer.  This salmon pink was so pretty, and looked so great with this paisley rayon jersey, I sewed it up right away.
Does this look like the pattern envelope?
I didn't think so either. But take a look at the designer's own version of Simplicity 1666.
I omitted the zipper because the neck opening is sufficiently large and the knits are sufficiently stretchy.
Made in January 2014 and blogged in October 2015.

Oh, I used an OOP Vogue skirt pattern meant for wovens.

Knit + waist elastic = no zipper


  1. Very pretty and flirty! I love the text on the back, completely unexpected and fun.

  2. Anonymous13:34

    Hilarious surprise on the back. Clever use of materials.
    Vancouver Barbara

    1. I know, "nothing is sexier than a woman in chest waders." (Actual comment from a man in Boulder. )

      I thought he was an anomaly, but then I worked with a man who fell in love with a woman when she told him that she was going to take a mental health day from work and go fishing. She grew up ocean fishing (Hawaii) and he goes fly fishing. But, he thought that they could work through that.


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