Monday, October 19, 2015

When Bad Mom met Buttons Grandma

A friend, who also leads a CO-CA existence for family reasons, invited me over to help clear out her fridge before she left.  She also invited her oldest friend in Boulder, Button Grandma!

After dinner, we convinced her to bring over her newest lot of Victorian glass brilliants (glass + metallics) so we could get first dibs.  The dining table light wasn't the greatest, but it was an Aladdin's cave of goodies.

The gold ones:

 Some of the silver ones that caught my eye.

 Decisions, decisions.
They are more than a century old, not in perfect shape, not cheap (but IMHO, a fair deal), so I set myself a limit of $20/20 buttons.

These came home with me:

 The intricacy of some of these is incredible.  Some didn't photograph well with my point and shoot.  These are two of the medium-intricacy ones.

 Gratuitous shot.
Dinner, conversation, good company and buttons!

Matched sets are very rare and expensive.  Our mutual friend showed me how she uses more affordable singleton buttons, matched for size (and with harmonizing shapes/colors), for her shirts.  I'm going to copy that idea.

Next time, I'm going over to with my sewn but buttonhole-less shirts to find the right buttons.


  1. I think a shirt or jacket with harmonious but not matching buttons would look wonderful

    1. Let me know if you need my personal shopping services. ;-)

  2. Anonymous16:06

    Buttons, beautiful buttons, are endlessly fascinating. Thanks for sharing this treasure trove.
    Vancouver Barbara


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