Wednesday, January 06, 2016

After the rain 1

This post was originally posted in November 2010. I don't know why Blogger has decided to repost it today, after a minor edit. Read this first, then After the rain 2.
Bad Dad and I made a quick stop at the newly reopened Redondo Beach North Branch Library last Saturday. The old library had been torn down 20 months ago and a new one built on the same site.

We both love the views after the rain. I snapped this picture from the 'new books' area by the entrance.

The view of the library from the outside shows the retro-modern neon sign.
We have a new zero runoff policy for new city projects. The rain from the roof is channeled across the parking lot and into this infiltration basin. Notice the v-shaped notches in the curb separating the parking area from the basin so that the water can flow in.
The basin would attract exploration by children (or curious adults) so they put a sign nice and high so that the kids have plausible deniability for not seeing it.
The driveway out of the parking lot is canted so that water flows into the channel into the basin rather than out into the street.
This visitor is very happy that the library is back.

Sunset sky from the front entrance.
Notice the Cotton Shop in the left hand side. It is having a 30% off everything going out of business sale. Sob. I am in total denial. I haven't even gone to the sale because I can't accept that my favorite fabric store in the South Bay is going out of business. First Treadle Arts, then Florence Fabrics, now the Cotton Shop. Joann's, SAS and the quilting stores cannot fill the void. I will have to brave the freeway for a reliable selection of quality apparel fabrics after the Cotton Shop closure.

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