Sunday, January 17, 2016

Visual Pun Apron

I put my keys and quarters in my apron pocket when I go down the hall to do my laundry at the condo. But, where do I put the keys when I wash the apron? Now that I have two kitchens, I clearly need more aprons.

I got a bargain on this retro waitress quilting calico years ago. I thought it would be punny to sew an apron using fabric with women with aprons on them.

I used my free apron pattern, with a slightly shorter neck strap.  I made the center pocket a wee bit bigger, to hold my phone.

Have I shown you the view from my ironing board?

Or from the sewing machine?

Or from the breakfast counter?

I've set up my sewing area so I can work efficiently in the condo. But, I'm still fine-tuning where the notions live.
If I turn around, I have another cart full of sewing supplies, which hides behind the sofa and TV.

The blue rack of clear drawers moved with me from Boulder to LA and back again! I'm astonished that the plastic hasn't cracked yet.

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  1. Great view for sewing and you're very well organised too.


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