Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Pillow Zoo

I'm so happy to finally sew up the pair of 2AB pillows.  This completes the zoo of 7 pillows I made for the Boulder home.  Sometimes, it seemed like a slog, even though I generally enjoy knitting and sewing.  Having the unfinished pillows around my home felt like an obligation and took some of the joy out of my hobbies.
They are really pretty and made curling up on the sofa to read or stream Broadchurch this weekend a pleasure.  (There are some nasty bugs going around locally and I thought it was a good idea to lie low while everyone is sick and possibly contagious.)
While I had the camera out, I took some daylight pictures of the two knitted bolsters seen earlier in 3 Pillows.  Wow, I've had the pumpkin Japanese dobby fabric* and pillow forms since at least November 2014.
The bolsters are perfect for softening the rectangular edges of my sofa and sectional.
The living room pillow zoo.

* I purchased the black dobby fabric here.  I got the pumpkin one at Momen+ in Torrance, which doesn't have a website, but ships to customers all over.  The fabrics are from the same manufacturer in Japan, but I paid $24/yd in Boulder and $16/yd in Torrance.

I've sewn all of the expensive Japanese fabric I picked up at Momen's sale.  I already showed the ones sewn up while in LA.  I'll show the other completed dobby project later.

I may have also enabled Leah by introducing her to Momen on our recent walking tour of Torrance.

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