Monday, January 11, 2016


Excuse me while I kvell about DD's first (counter)-protest this morning.

Westboro Baptist Church, the people behind the really offensive URL address, protested the Golden Globes last night.  This morning, they decided to spread their message of hate at my daughter's school.  They announced their plans on Facebook.

Our community was kept busy last week, preparing for the unwelcome attention.  The students, with some guidance from the school district's lawyer and the city police department, planned a safe and legal counter-protest.
Screenshot from video posted by Daily Breeze.
According to CBS LA, WBC was vastly outnumbered by ~300 counter-protesters, including Mike Gin, Redondo Beach's openly gay former mayor.  No violence.  No arrests.  Just a community standing up for its values of inclusion.

What did she bring to a WBC counter-protest? Three dozen doughnuts--with rainbow sprinkles, of course!


  1. Good on her. Westboro gets far too much publicity for its size (and hatefulness, obviously). I am shocked to hear they came to her school but encouraged tthe response.

    1. Last year, WBC protested at neighboring El Segundo HS. When asked, 'Why ESHS?", WBC said it was just conveniently located near LAX, where they were flying out later that day.

      Being close to a major airport is both a boon and a bane. ;-)

      I guess they did their homework this time. RB has the only gay bar in the South Bay, a (former) gay mayor, and the Gay-Straight Alliance club at the HS. Plus, we're close to the airport!

      In the TV footage, did you see the spectacular ocean views from the HS?

  2. Anonymous13:45

    Hooray for DD, not least for the gaily besprinkled treats! Was it not Emma Goldman herself who said, "if I can't eat donuts, I want no part of your demonstration?" As for the Westboro creeps, I think they are mostly hoping that someone will shove them, so that they can cash in on a personal injury lawsuit.

  3. Bravo to DD for making her statement with spirit and humor. I'm reluctant to even make any remarks about WBC since they deserve nothing but contempt.


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