Sunday, January 10, 2016

First 2016 Make

And in the LA sewing room!
I did a whole lotta clean-up and rethreaded the 25 yo serger before I could make these two pillowcases.

There are a whole lotta shoulds like taking blog pictures in daylight and pre-shrinking fabric.  But, life and time is short.  I won't be in LA again during daylight hours for several weeks so this is the only available photo.

I didn't have time to prewash the fabric either.  Therefore, the pillowcases are slightly over-sized, but should shrink to fit in the wash.  I should also buy her new pillows because these are clearly beaten-down.

Regular readers of this blog may have glimpsed DD's blue hair.  She selected blue because everyone else has pink or purple hair; she wanted to be different.  But, if she had been paying attention to my dye experiments, she would have known that blue and green are the toughest colors to keep on the fiber (her hair).

Blue dye came off on her clothes, towels and sheets.  Rather than get upset about it, I decided to make her blue pillowcases.

I purchased both fabrics at Momen+ during their annual after-xmas clearance sale.  The store opened at 10AM and I got there at 11.  2/3 of the clearance fabrics were already sold out by then.  People started lining up at 9:30 AM.

DD loves the anime fabric.  I knew she would as soon as I saw it on the shelf.  I also knew exactly how I was going to use it.

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  1. Good on you. The anime print is kinda cool.


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