Friday, August 29, 2008

Sunset Kayak

After our last day of bicycling, we went for a sunset kayak trip with Crystal Seas Kayaking, putting out at Snug Harbor. We saw two tiny swimming crabs right away.
They seem to have established a rhythm.A bald eagle watched us pass.
Why is the group hanging out here?
A seal!
Actually, two seals playing among the kelp and the paddlers.
After the seals became bored with us, we paddled on. Iris shows off some delicious seaweed.
She looks triumphant, but she has pretty much stopped paddling by the return part of the journey.
The bald eagle took off into the sunset, but I am not sure I captured that in this frame. We also saw a pair of herons.
Moonrise back at Snug Harbor.

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