Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bicycle built for four

What does a quad, a bicycle built for four, look like?
The captain (usually the largest and/or most experienced rider) sits in the front. Notice that the smallest rider (a five year old) has a child stoker conversion kit that brings the pedals up higher so he can reach.

In another small world moment, we ran into this particular family at the rally after losing track of them a dozen years ago. They were our next door neighbors on Pearl Street, in Boulder. Actually, they became our next door neighbors because I told my classmate, the captain pictured above, about the vacancy next door. His wife (then girlfriend) and I bonded when she immediately hung up a clothesline and then told her mother that her next door neighbor used one, too.

We lost track of each other when he went off to do a postdoc and I moved to LA. Unbeknownst to us, they had moved near LA so he could teach at the same college as Writing Maternity and Hopeless But Not Serious, which is also the alma mater of one of my grad school roommates. Very small world indeed, especially considering the small size of the college.

See a cute video of a two year old peddling with a child stoker kit and more pictures of families riding quads and triples here.

(Does the dweeby guy checking voicemail on his cell phone at the RH edge of the photo look familiar?)

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  1. Lordy, it's the T family on BMGM! Small world.


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